Luke doesn't like coffee with sugar.

Urs and Damon made their way through the woods.

This is not a secret.

We should get more information.

They agreed on a joint statement.

Ask me anything!

What is it you wanted to tell me?


I feel as though I've committed rape, although I know that that makes no sense.


We have two classes in the afternoon.

Sooner or later, Elliot will likely agree to help us.

I change my mind a lot.


Pat left on Monday.

Who's going to stop us?

I'll come as often as possible.

We're in the middle of nowhere.

My sister doesn't have a car.

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I'll be back in an hour to check on you again.

This lake is deep.

Try and get some rest.

It looks like the dog wants something to eat.

We cook with a stick.

They'll come looking for her.

Winnie is very close to Pandora.

Tuna fought back.

Mind the step!


There were six people at the concert last week.

I suggest you reconsider your decision.

You should try to get to bed a bit earlier tonight.

If I were you, I wouldn't do a thing like that.

No one likes him.

It is sure that she will leave tomorrow.

Ariel doesn't always obey the rules.

The parking lot is empty.

A boy in a cape, pretending to be Superman, jumped off a building last night.

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They say we've got nothing to worry about.

Who were the culprits?

That's so cool.


I was frightened when I saw that.

It's quite irritating.

Put it back on the desk.


Without your help, I would not have succeeded.

What do you owe us?

I need to clear something up.

Why should I learn French?

I know how difficult it is for you to believe me.


Francisco is very intuitive.

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There is bad weather in the north.


I hope it stays that way.


Sharada looked deeply into Michiel's eyes.

I love Anatoly's voice.

I want to help you with your homework.

What are some good sources of protein?

Patricia accepted the assignment.


Mrs Tanaka liked to carry out first aid on the injured and take care of the sick.


We work for Trevor.

He likes being surrounded by young people.

That's just bizarre.


Can you tell me where to put my umbrella?

Sonja didn't look happy to see Bruno.

I told Ranjit I wanted a divorce.

Volcanoes spouted ash and lava.

I gained comprehensive knowledge of God after reading the bible.

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I've located Tor.

Jagath found it more and more difficult to ignore the pain.

I could not decide which way to choose.


I let them sleep in.

We'd better wake Francisco up.

Tell him the problem is solved.

I'm sure Reid appreciates that.

Jacob wants some information.

Is there an English speaker here?

Mysore was laid off.

It seems like years since Sunday morning.

Excuse me, does this train go to Washington Square?

Vijay wrote me more than thirty messages yesterday.

I used to wear a tie to work.

When one lucky spirit abandons you another picks you up. I just passed an exam for a job.

Hopefully you'll comply with traffic regulations after this.


My name is Jim.

Do you sometimes get pissed off for no reason?

Deirdre isn't allowed in here.


We shared the money evenly amongst the three of us.

We need to follow them.

He said nothing.

They kept their relationship a secret.

Francisco has been there for over three years.


Would you like to take a recess?


This is a secret.

It's very simple, really.

Help me learn how to drive.

The one good thing you can say about an entry-level job is that there's lots of room for growth.

Can we do anything to help them?


You won't be the first.

I am on the side of democracy.

I'm coming back for you.


I'm assuming you have a plan.

The nights are always getting darker. They're turning the lights on later.

Kinch used to be generous.


He won't leave us alone.

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I'm so hungry!

Shuvra told me he saw you two kissing.

I have never had that problem before.

There were thirty children among the passengers.

You have only to keep silent.

Would you lend me your pen?

Something is moving behind the bush.

The refrigerator is dirty.

She might have fooled you, but she won't fool me.

I'm certain that he has finished.

Don't you know he is enraged at your insult?

If there hadn't been a split in the party just before elections, we'd have won.

Nobody forgot my country.

It's an heirloom. Been in my family for generations.

I've had some concerns.

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He knows how to cook meat.

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Matthias ate a hamburger for lunch.

I appreciate what you are trying to do.

He sewed a dress for me.

I live in the United States.

Did you hear how quickly he speaks?


The pigeons of Boston are fat and proud.

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She looked at several dolls and decided on the most beautiful one.

There are nine people in my family.

I think you need to go home now.

I wanted to disappear.

Hunter tasted the soup and said it was delicious.


I prefer a lighter blue for that bedroom.

I'll let you in on a secret.

Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.

He'll come for sure.

You're not hungry.


Norbert bought Chuck's Bar and Grill, but he didn't rename it.

Soccer is the world's most popular sport.

The dancers timed their steps to the music of the band.


I almost fell for it.


After that, she cried for three days.

Come on, Roxane. Come on! You can do this.

She laughed to cover her fear.

There is no third possibility.

Off with her head!

I'll make sure he doesn't escape justice.

The proverb runs as follows.


I want to hire you.

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I love you so much today too.

That isn't much.

Is this seat reserved?

Amedeo asked Mitchell for her number.

You have to do it, just like we all do.

Dan committed the ultimate violation.

I need to ask you a silly question.


Time is not an absolute reality but an aspect of our consciousness.

Half of the bottles of wine in the case that Ric bought were corked.

Mr Jones was looked upon as a great scholar.


Trying climbed over the wall.


My brother in Boston is studying to become a teacher.


He's always so fast!

The room became filled with smoke.

That's called true love.


Her novel ideas are time and again getting her into trouble with her more conservative colleagues.